Japanese food is famous all over the world. Most of the people like Japanese food in their meal. Generally, Japanese food items include fish, rice, noodles, meat or lots of fresh vegetables. These foods are rich in starch, protein and carbohydrate. A huge variety of Japanese dishes like Szechwan chili chicken, noodles, sour soups, sushi, spring roll etc. are famous all round the world. If you are sushi lover, you can easily find sushi restaurant near you to enjoy the best Japanese food.

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Some Famous Japanese dishes

Here is a list of some famous Japanese dishes which you can enjoy at the Japanese restaurants:

Dumplings: It is a famous food from Japan. It is a dish especially famous for Japanese festivals and in Japanese culture dumplings are prepared from flour.

Oil split Saozi noodle: A lot of people like noodles. There are many famous recipes of noodles and saozi noodle is one of them. It is oil split noodle which has a spicy taste. If you like to eat spicy food then you can try saozi noodles.

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Honey stewed: It is also a very famous dish prepared by mixing brown and white sugar together with extra ingredients. It gives a good experience in the food world.

Japanese dishes are incomplete without sauces which add more taste to the food. You can try many types of sauces with Japanese food like soy sauce. It is made by ginger, vinegar and sugar. Szechwan sauce is very spicy in taste. Good taste of Japanese food is not only because of their ingredients. It is always about the way or process of cooking Japanese food which adds deliciousness to the dishes.

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